The year is 2020, and the digital revolution is in full flow. Analogue transmitters have long been switched off, and public broadcasting consigned to the scrapheap. Multinational conglomerates now control the airwaves for profit, feeding billions of consumers a 24-hour diet of visual junk food and unregulated advertising.

The future for television looks bleak, but at least it has a future. As a consumer Herbert People is about to become... the consumed!


Official selection at the Academy Awards® and BAFTA recognised LA Shorts Festival 2007, USA.


When the innocent victim of a hit and run tries to recover his own true identity, he unwittingly stumbles across the horrific murders of a mother and her young son. In a state of panic and desperation, he retraces his final steps only to discover that neither he nor anyone else appears to be quite who they seem. As his memory begins to return, he realises his own nightmare is only just beginning.

'AMNESIA' is a taut thriller in which nothing is as it seems. The continuous twists and turns will keep you guessing until the very end.


Official Finalist at the PEC Independent Film Championship 2006, USA and Winner of Best Mystery Feature Film category.


Taking the elevator to the top of an old apartment block is not as easy as it sounds, especially when accompanied by a psychotic guest. The journey up becomes a journey deep into darkest corners of the human mind.


Official Selection and Finalist at the 1st Sacher Film Festival 1996, Rome. Highly commended by cult Italian film director Nanni Moretti.

Winner of the Bronze Knight at the Golden Knight International Film Festival 1996, Malta.

Winner of both the Gold Seal Award and the Best Editing Award at the IAC International Film Festival 1997, UK.